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Harrington Solution has proven expertise for engineering, construction, and project management services for over 12 years. The company was established in 2000. Since then, Harrington Solution has contributed immensely to the hydrocarbon infrastructural development in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and India. Our business fields include hydrocarbon, industrial & infrastructure projects, specifically for projects in sectors such as refinery, petrochemical, hydrocarbon upstream, power, metallurgy, and water treatment. Harrington Solution mission is to not only expertise in delivering quality projects, also in on time delivery, on budget and safety. We also to provide maximum value to our customers from the project to the community. With our global workforce rising at 30% a year and revenues increasing at 40% per year since 2006, the company is also one of the fastest growing EPC contractors.

Harrington Solution Mission Statement:
Harrington Solution mission is to maintain its leading position as the client preferred EPC contractor, capable of meeting the diversified needs of its clients in the Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Maintenance services, while maintaining high standards in Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) towards our employees, customers and community.
Harrington Solution vision of the key attributes that it must attain in order to achieve its mission is:
To be a valued and respected partner
To be a preferred services provider
To deliver consistent returns to all stakeholders
To be an innovative and cost-effective partner
To be a preferred employer
Harrington Solution core values that will enable it to perform effectively are:
We will conduct our business safely, openly and fairly
We will be customer focused, sharing their objectives and goals
We will demonstrate respect for our employees, the community and the environment
We will be ethical and accountable
We will continuously improve our performance