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Hydro Carbon upstream
Hydrocarbon Upstream Business provides turnkey solutions to the upstream hydrocarbon sector, encompassing oil & gas exploration as well as production, processing and transportation facilities. It has in-house capabilities in engineering, project management, procurement, fabrication, installation, hook-up and commissioning. Harrington solution has successfully completed mega projects dealing in production of platforms, process facilities.
Petro Chemical
Harrington Solution brings you an unmatched combination of quality and service. The assurance of largest manufacturing facility and a global clientele reputed for stringent standards.
Harrington Solution brings up solution like
Intricate Process Plant Piping, Rack Piping
Underground Piping Network inside & outside battery limits
Fabrication & erection of Structures
Installation & Commissioning of Rotary, Semi-Rotary & Static Equipment
Erection of very heavy & tall columns & vessels
Pipelines – laying, testing, pre-commissioning & commissioning, wrapping & coating
Commissioning Assistance for Commissioning of Plants
Routine Plant Operation & Maintenance and Shutdown Maintenance